Not just your average valet trash company.

Protect your reputation. Let Trashology show you how we're different.

Restored NOI

You're investors are being squeezed from all sides by insurances, material cost's, labor shortages, and more. Let us help you recover some of those losses.

New Construction

Our special pricing for new construction gives the investor, the property manager, and the capital company a greater yield on that first year. Win, win, win.

Building Community

Residents are 75% more likely to renew if they make a few friends in the complex. Trashology is committed to creating opportunities for residents to bond.


Door to Door Pickup


Pet Stations

Implementation Assistance

Power Washing

You Spend Less

Only pay for what you need with our occupancy discount. We also have a special discount for new construction properties. Find out how we can improve your net operating income (NOI).

Higher Resident Retention

Building a community in your communities is important. Event's, activities and gatherings can improve your resident renewals. We are here to help you by sponsoring an event, creating opportunities for community service, and by keeping your resident's involved.

Resident Reminders

Resident's are able to sign up for text reminders to set out their trash. This helps trash to get set out on time and creates less trash left out over night. Also, less residents are walking to the dumpster/compactor area and leaving their trash, so the area stays a little cleaner.

Reliable AND Insured

Our goal is to give you a service that is on time every time. On top of this, we insure every property that is under our care.

Understanding the Fee

Finding the right fee to charge and the right way to promote your valet trash service can be difficult. Let Trashology guide you through the pricing and help to keep you from over or undercharging your resident's.

Above and Beyond

We understand that you have more needs than just door to door pickup. This is why we offer other services such as power washing and junk removal.

How it works

  1. We sign a contract to partner with you.
  2. Our insurance adds your property and your management company.
  3. A specialized roll-out assistance creates flyers for your residents and helps them prepare for our service (should start at least 30 days prior to the start date).
  4. We deliver your resident's 13-gallon trash cans and their 9-gallon recycling bins (they will love the recycling bin).
  5. Our reliable, highly trained, background checked, and insured porter begins picking up resident trash door to door on Sunday-Thursday from 8 PM to 11 PM. The trash is placed into the on site garbage compactor or in dumpsters throughout the property. Broken down boxes will be picked up as well, and recycled, along with any other recycling waste left out with the trash.
  6. Our accounting team will send you an easy-to-read invoice on a selected day each month.
  7. Services such as power washing breezeways or junk removal are offered as well.

We're here for you

Let us give you what you deserve!

An infinitely reliable valet trash service.

Contact information

(833) 33BAGIT

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Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Sat (calls only), 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

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